Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath

Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath is a householder Yogi, author, poet and servant of humanity working towards the evolution of human consciousness for over 40 years. After leaving the comforts of his aristocratic family and attending Sherwood College, he went in search of the great Nath Yogis living in the high Himalayan ranges. After powerfully transformative experiences among them, most notably of the ineffable Shiv-Goraksha Babaji (a.k.a. “Mahavatar Babaji“), he began working night and day towards the mission of “Earth Peace Through Self Peace”. That is, only when humanity at large finds peace within will we live in a world without suffering, inequality, war and strife.

Yogiraj promotes unity among all citizens of humanity, regardless of religion, race or creed. “Humanity our uniting Religion, Breath our uniting Prayer and Consciousness our uniting God” is his mantra.

An exponent of Babaji’s Kundalini Kriya Yoga, Yogiraj prescribes this ancient system of yoga as the fastest means available to hasten human evolution. He also shares his own complementary yogic techniques such as Surya Yoga and the Golden Lotus Meditation.

Yogiraj is a rare master capable of gifting direct spiritual experience to an entire crowd simultaneously. The transmission of kundalini energy called “Shaktipat”, commonly felt as heat or vibration along the spine, is done to heal at a energetic level and remove negative karma. “Pranapat”, breathing his life force energy through the disciple’s breath, is done to further remove spiritual blocks, toxins and stress. Finally, “Shivapat”, sharing the “No-Mind State of Thoughtless Awareness”, is done to expand consciousness and elevate our experience of the Soul within.

Today Yogiraj continues to work tirelessly, giving these experiences to audiences across the world to show the connectedness and capacity for Humanity, and teaching sacred techniques that empower us to evolve back into the likeness of our own Divinity.

This website is in dedication to him, who’s done more for me than words can express. AUM