Level 2 Workshop

My Level 2 Workshop is for those who want to dive deeper with the advanced meditations and pranayamas of Kriya Yoga. I perform the traditional initiation on behalf of Yogiraj into this sacred yogic system passed from Guru to disciple for thousands of years. Detailed instruction in each technique is given along with ample time for questions and practice.

The Omkar Kriya purifies and awakens the primary spinal chakras, harmonizing them with the inner divine sound of AUM. The Shiva-Shakti pranayama detoxifies body, mind and emotions while reversing the flow of prana within to access deeper states of peace and tranquility. Maha Mudra properly seals and directs the prana along the spine and promotes balance of the left & right “brains”. With the Paravasta, we learn to live in the “let go”, a thought-free state of natural bliss.

  • Techniques: Omkar Kriya, Shiva-Shakti Kriya, Maha Mudra and Paravasta
  • Benefits: deepening states of concentration and meditation, physical/emotional/mental detoxification, karmic cleansing, stress reduction, clearer thinking, energetic balancing
  • Dress: loose, comfortable, ideally white-colored clothing
  • Prerequisites: Level 1 Workshop recommended but not required
  • Duration: 2-3 hours
  • Fee: one-time $108 for Kriya initiation, no fee for reviews

Check out the Upcoming Events section for any Level 2 events near you or contact me to set up a private session.