Level 3 Workshop

My Level 3 Workshop is for those regularly practicing Kriya Yoga but interested in the advanced versions of the Level 1 techniques and the increased support they provide. The full version of Surya Yoga is given which includes additional pranayamas, advanced mantras, mudras, and the Surya Meditation. The technique of Hamsa Yoga is also given, essentially a more advanced version of the Golden Lotus Meditation, which works at three different bodily centers to transform passions into emotions, emotions into Love and Love into Conciousness.

  • Techniques: Surya Yoga (full version including Surya Meditation) and Hamsa Yoga
  • Benefits: deep physical/emotional/mental detoxification, revitalization, increased energy, stress reduction, improved concentration, aura cleansing & protection
  • Dress: loose, comfortable, light-colored clothing
  • Prerequisites: Level 1 & 2 Workshops
  • Duration: 2-3 hours
  • Fee: one-time $108 for each initiation (Surya and Hamsa Yoga), no fee for reviews

Check out the Upcoming Events section for any Level 3 events near you or contact me to set up a private session.