Level 1 Workshop

My Level 1 Workshop gives you three simple but highly effective techniques to start a meditation and pranayama practice or complement an existing one. It is recommended for beginners or advanced practitioners alike. The unique solar osmosis technique of Surya Yoga is a wonderfully energizing addition to any yogic practices you may be doing now. The Golden Lotus Meditation is a calming heart-centered technique to focus within and purify the mind and emotions. Lastly, the Earth Peace Meditation is used to radiate peaceful vibrations to the whole world.

  • Techniques: Surya Yoga (basic version), Golden Lotus Meditation, Earth Peace Meditation
  • Benefits: revitalization, increased energy, physical/mental/emotional purification, stress reduction, clearer thinking, improved concentration, aura cleansing & protection
  • Dress: loose, comfortable, ideally light-colored clothing
  • Prerequisites: none
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Fee: none

Check out the Upcoming Events section for any Level 1 events near you or contact me to set up a private session.