Kriya Yoga

A Brief History

Kriya Yoga is a sacred system of advanced yogic techniques handed down from Guru to disciple throughout the ages. The grand lineage of Kriya masters trace themselves back to Adi Nath, founder of the Nath tradition. This practice was guarded and handed down by the great kings of India’s ancient Solar Dynasty (Suryavansha) until knowledge of it was nearly lost in the middle ages.

Modern-day respects must be given to the great Yogavatar Lahiri Mahasaya who revived Kriya Yoga after receiving it from his divine Guru introduced to the world as Mahavatar Babaji in Yogananda’s famous autobiography. Since then, it’s been passed on by great Yogis such as Swami Sri Yukteswar, Paramahansa Yogananda, Hariharananda Giri and many more. Today it is practiced by people all over the world.

Yogiraj Gurunath had direct personal experience of the very same Babaji and was blessed by Him to initiate sincere seekers into Kriya Yoga also called “The Lightning Path” or “The Science of the Self”. I in turn am authorized by Yogiraj to teach and give the sacred initiation on his behalf.

A Brief Overview

As part of my Level 2 Workshop, these four Kriya Yoga techniques are given:

Shiva-Shakti Pranayama – the core Kriya Yoga technique utilizes slow and deep breathing with awareness in the spine. The cells of the body become full of oxygen and the surplus is converted to life-force energy (prana). This prana magnetizes the central astral channel in the spine (sushumna nadi) automatically bringing about deep internalization and sense-withdrawal (pratyahara). The extra oxygen also de-carbonizes the blood, reduces bodily decay and decreases the workload on the heart and lungs. The entire nervous system is calmed and rejuvenated. The body/mind is hence scientifically brought to a calmer state which, after many years of intense practice, ultimately produces the breathless state of ecstasy known as samadhi.

Maha Mudra – the complementary “Great Seal” utilizes the forward-folding posture (asana) with pranayama, bandhas and mantra to channel the energy up along the sushumna nadi. Maha Mudra seals the prana generated during the Shiva-Shakti Pranayama and directs it to the proper areas within the body. It also has the effect of balancing the ida and pingala nadis which in turn balance the left and right brains. Maha Mudra gradually and safely assists in unlocking the latent power of Kundalini.

Omkar Kriya – a technique of attuning yourself to the cosmic hum of creation known as Omkar. Om (or AUM) is considered the sacred syllable in ancient India representing the sound of the cosmos from birth to preservation and dissolution. This sound can be meditated upon within the body. The Omkar Kriya uses the sound of Om to awaken and purify each chakra, tuning ourselves like an instrument.

Paravasta – this technique gives the opportunity to absorb the peace generated as an effect of the former Kriyas (actions) and reap the fruit of the efforts sown. Here the focus is on living in the “let-go” and entering a thought-free state of natural bliss.

In Sum

The sushumna nadi is the the highway to the Soul which contains all the major astral chakras. Kriya Yoga helps clear the path of obstructions and assists in transforming life-force energy into Kundalini to activate the chakras and experience expanded states of awareness. The sushumna is the path. The breath, prana, mind & vital fluid fuse to become the activated Kundalini which serves as the fuel to reach the summit of the Soul enshrined within the brain’s 3rd ventricle called the Cave of Brahma. This is the inner ascent.