About Me

I am a certified teacher (Hamsa Kriyacharya) of Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath’s authentic system of yogic practices with 17 years of training in the USA and India. A software project manager, husband and father, I balance spiritual and material lives by practicing and teaching yogic techniques within the context of a householder life. I live and work in the East San Francisco Bay and have been teaching yogic methods of pranayama and meditation for over 10 years.

The Long Story

My quest for soul-consciousness began when I was a teenager growing up in Missouri. On account of a close friend, I was introduced to an array of spiritual paths over the course of a few years. It was “Man’s Eternal Quest”, a book by Paramahansa Yogananda, that drew me to the ancient system of yoga modernly referred to as Kriya Yoga. Yogananda’s message was like a wake-up call and what was truly important in life had become absolutely clear to me… I needed to practice meditation and get the inner peace this great Yogi had achieved. I had profound and implicit faith in Yogananda by his words alone and felt certain that whatever method he taught was the one for me.

I set off to learn Kriya Yoga through the Self-Realization Fellowship organization over the next couple of years. Soon after, a series of events brought me to California, little did I know, to meet a living Kriya master. It was in San Francisco during August of 2001 that my eyes made direct contact with Yogiraj Gurunath. I attended a workshop where he gave an eloquent spiritual talk along with several “energy transmissions” that I was equally intrigued by and skeptical of. Had such a thing been possible? Who was this person claiming he could directly transmit his kundalini energy to speed up my awakening, breathe his own energy through my breath, and bring me to a state of “no-thought”? My skepticism soon faded as I found indeed these things were happening the more I opened up to them. In many different ways over the years, without trying to show it, Yogiraj Gurunath has demonstrated to me his spiritual status is way beyond the ordinary and he certainly falls into the rare and exceptional category of a Satguru, a person who has not only gained complete soul-consciousness himself but has gone beyond it and is equipped to help others with the same goal.

Since 2001, I’ve continued to learn from him and practice year after year, attended dozens of retreats in the US and have visited the Indian ashram many times. I was granted authority to teach certain techniques on Yogiraj’s behalf in 2005 (Hamsacharya) and in 2010, I was recognized as a senior teacher (Hamsa Kriyacharya).

Yogiraj’s non-denominational mission of “Earth Peace Through Self Peace” is what I selflessly work towards by teaching these techniques on his behalf to anyone interested in taking the inner ascent.