Surya Yoga

Surya is one of the many Sanskrit names for our Sun. Surya Yoga, developed by Yogiraj Gurunath, is a practice which focuses on absorbing the life-giving energy of the Sun in combination with powerful breathing techniques, mantras, and mudras to revitalize, cleanse, and protect the physical and etheric bodies. Rightly dubbed “Pranic Healing with Solar Power”, this technique does wonders for energization, reduces emotional suffering and boosts overall positivity and well-being.

This practice was evolved over the years by Yogiraj and became quite lengthy, so for convenience and ease in assimilation, it has been broken into basic and full versions.

Basic Version

The basic version maintains the essential benefits and power of the full while taking much less time to learn. The sun’s rays are visualized as flooding the body and forming a protective layer around it. The pranayama portion expels negativity and toxins and rejuvenates the body. This version is taught in my Level 1 Workshop. You can also see the Siddhanath Yoga Sangh website for more information and an instructional video to learn this version on your own.

Full Version

The full version expands on the basic to include several more pranayamas, mantras and an accompanying meditation that utilizes solar energy to transform yourself from within. A unique version of alternate nostril breathing is given along with other special pranayamas and visualizations. With the full version, you are not only learning but you are being initiated into this sacred practice by a modern-day solar Master and will receive his spiritual guidance and support. This version is taught in my Level 3 Workshop.